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Welcome to the 10th International
Equitation Science Conference
ISES Denmark 2014 - August 7-9

Overall topic: Equine stress, learning and training

Scientific theme 1: Interpretation of equine stress responses

Scientific theme 2: Learning and cognition

Scientific theme 3: Sustainable training and riding


For any questions regarding ISES2014 please send an e-mail to

Free shuttle bus service from Billund airport to the conference site on Wednesday, August 6th at 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00 and 19:00 h. Please register for this service by sending an e-mail to and note the time of your preferred shuttle.

If you are interested in shared transport from Vejle station to Vingsted, please send an e-mail to with your expected time of arrival at the station, then Line will coordinate.


Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte is the patroness of ISES 2014.

Photographer: Christina Hauschildt

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